Best fitness Studio in your Neighborhood .

Dynamic Synergy is a Multi-activity fitness studio, which includes Fitness as primary, hobby and activity based classes for kids, as secondary reason for its evolution. It has full length mirrors on two sides of the walls with infrastructure best suited for fitness activities. This studio is suitable for Fitness classes like Zumba, Bokwa, Mixed Martial Arts, Power Yoga and aerobics. Dance classes like Bollywood, Salsa, Belly, kids dance and many more...

Fitness classes has amazing crowd of home-makers, working professionals and young girls who are truly fitness enthusiasts. While multi-tasking with their daily routines in playing the roles of a mother, daughter, professionals, these women leave the studio with confidence, zest and a challenge of returning back to enjoy more while being fit. This studio is a stress- buster for all such lovely clients.

We also provide music classes like Guitar, Keyboard and Vocal. Kids get to learn Karate, Abacus, Vedic Maths, Science and Robotic classes and dance on every weekend. We believe that the kids will leave the studio with the skills, knowledge and confidence to add value to society and realise their full potential.

Our aim and vision lies in giving back to the society in the form of a good life by being fit and engaging in hobbies and various activities.

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